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SEO From a Business

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Mads Singers madssingers

At the “NaZahid21” conference, Mad Singers made a report on how to think of SEO business from an SEO perspective. He pointed out that many people love doing SEO, but when it comes to doing SEO business, they usually lack the required experience regarding important things like managing people. Mad talked about the crucial points of how to build a solid business and make a great living by learning and doing SEO.

How to Build an SEO Business: Fundamental Points

There are three core things that most people do not get right on their way to building a business in the SEO field. Building an effective “SEO Machine” basically involves the following things:

  1. Pick the right niche.
  2. Set up the organization for growth.
  3. Delegate effectively.

Picking the Niche

Most novice entrepreneurs tend to build an SEO agency that serves all kinds of clients with all kinds of SEO. That’s one of the frequent mistakes made because different niches require a diverse set of skills. Hence, serving different niches at the same time may be challenging.

The key concept of growing the fastest and most effective business is to hold in and focus on one thing. The focus may be on building a website, performing link-building, doing guest posting, etc. But when you deal with an exact niche (like plumbers), you start understanding and mastering its specifics, such as how the website needs to look, what keywords convert, or the top pages.

That way, you make the whole process cheaper because you know it inside out, and you also start adding more value for the clients. At that point, cost savings will help the company scale in areas such as marketing, management, and so on. Marketing becomes more effective, and reaching the target audience is also easier.

Setting up for Growth

After getting down to a narrow niche and ensuring you have a good service to provide, the next crucial thing is to look for ways of growing the organization. Here, the key point to mention is that setting up the cost in the right way is important. In other words, you need to charge enough money for your service. Knowing and understanding the numbers will allow you not only to deliver the service but also to have the budget for marketing, promotional things, hiring new employees, etc. That way, it’s feasible to set the company up for further growth.

Doing Effective Delegation

When it comes to delegation, having the right mindset is a must. It involves a correct delegating process, focusing on more value, and hiring new staff while keeping organizing 1:1 with current employees.

Effective delegation implies delegating direct responsibilities instead of tasks. The difference lies in giving the person ownership but not telling them what to do. By taking such ownership, an individual receives clear goals and objectives and puts their knowledge and efforts into achieving them in the best way possible.

When deciding on what can be specifically delegated, it’s better to look at the things that can easily be done by others, the ones you’re not good at, and those that take a considerable amount of your time.

Over time, the person gets better at the specific thing delegated to them, and they start delivering better results in the long term. Consequently, as each team member develops, the company grows as well.

Another important thing to highlight is that when you don’t delegate responsibilities, it can ultimately cost your company money. Furthermore, it stops you from doing the most important things in business. Keep delegating correctly, and allow all your staff to delegate their tasks to new employees as well. That way, you’ll give yourself time for crucial aspects of your work, such as hiring new staff, doing one-to-ones with direct employees, and improving business strategy.